3k3y and PS3 SuperSlim 4.55

Sony recently update PS3 firmware to 4.55 and all PS3 chip on Super Slim model are blocked.

The 3k3y Team work on update to bypass this new security.

Please be patient.

PS3 FAT and Slim aren’t blocked with 4.55, you can update safely

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3k3y Super Slim on Sales !

3k3y is on Sales for 70.49€ only !

3k3y au meilleur prix

Don’t wait, it’s the best PS3 chip from market, and the price is awesome !

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Amazing new price for 3k3y by Puces Consoles

Puces Consoles provide you the best price of 68.90€ to buy the 3k3y, you can go to Buy 3k3y to find a promo code for more discount !

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Intall and Use of 3k3y

This video will show you how to install and use your 3k3y :

In this one Puces Consoles wil show you how to use the 3k3y Ripper to create your own PS3 ISO :

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Amazing Promo code by our Partner for 3key

If you go to our Buying Page you will see a big reduction code to pre-order the 3key by the 3k3y TEAM.

Lot’s of thanks to ur partner PUCES CONSOLES ! Definitivey the best dealer in Europe

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All information about 3key by 3k3y Team

3Key or 3k3y by 3k3y Team (aka Xk3y) is announced and we have all the information about it!
October 10, 2012 announcement on Twitter and Facebook by the X360Key Team was made about the 3Key / 3k3y, equivalent of our well known XKEY or X360key. Here is the picture that the team reveals, and it works perfectly.


So there is a remote control that is equivalent to the X360key one who display emulation of Borderland Game 2 and on the screen image we see the game running well (image of cinematic).

So we finally have in the history of the PS3 an ODD Emulator (Optical Disk Drive) for Blu-Ray.

According PS3Crunch exchange with their suppliers:

#1 – The team for now wishes to remain anonymous regarding it, but are hoping for an ‘end of the year’ release.
#2 – It is full hardware interface, not some crappy reDRM dongle, that means it will work on OFW no need to be stuck on CFW v3.55.
#3 – It will be complete ODD Blu-Ray emulator, allowing even the feature to rip your original PS3 game discs to your external HDD.
#4 – Due to the nature of design, you will be required to open your PS3 to install it, but I been told NO SOLDERING is needed.
#5 – More info will be release later, but for now pictures and videos are PRIVATE and been shown only to trusted long-time resellers.


The team would therefore 3Key to be launch before the end of the year, with a full hardware interface, so no software changes will be necessary (no USB Dongle, Eboot File, Package Files, CFW etc).

Emulation of Blu-ray player will be total and will direct rip your PS3 Originals Blu-Ray on USB Device.

3key of 3k3y Team is a hardware piece like X360key so disassemble the console will be necessary but as XKEY no soldering !


On October 12, We have discovered the video by the 3k3y Team who show 3Key working Well :

A Funny Video but mostly we retain release date: December 12, 2012.

The team put at our disposal the official website: 3k3y.com
Accompanied by his revelations also lots on 3k3y

So the announced features :
– Play your PS3, PS2* and PSX games from any USB media!
– No custom firmware required for operation** – you can update to the latest official firmware for PSN access
– Integrated game ripper
– no soldering required
– Multi-language support
– Compatible with both Fat and Slim models
– Supports most file systems, including NTFS, EXT2/3/4, and Mac OS X Extended
– High speed USB2 interface (USB3 incomming)
– Powerful embedded Linux system running from Micro SD card (included)
– Linux firmware fully updatable from USB media
– FPGA fully updatable from USB media via built-in, in-system JTAG programming
– Recovery mode – it is always possible to recover from a bad flash Update your PS3 as normal, no CFW or game patching required
– Pass-through mode. (Use your PS3 in “normal mode”)

Be assured that we will soon receive one 3Key and we will gladly make you some demos and tutorials. Pending on 12/12/12, you can of course Pre-order 3Key at the Best Europe official dealer here at PUCES CONSOLES (Just like the team in case of end of the world they guarantee a full refund =) )


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